Day 8 of 366

Be true to you in a social media-revolved world


We now live in a society where anything we do has to always be perfect, or at least appear to be perfect, especially on our social media pages. We have to have the perfect contouring and blending. We have to have the perfect lighting for our outfit poses. We have to have the perfect day. We have to have the perfect Instagram theme. Everything has turned into this huge “Whose is better” competition. It’s us against the world, and that just shouldn’t be.

You shouldn’t post at specific times or post in a particular criteria just to gain multiple likes. Should your Instagram page be all over the place? If you like it like that then yeah. But if you’re the type that likes it to have a certain aesthetic then that’s fine too. As long as you’re not basing it off of what you think others would like, do what you want. Yes it’s nice to have a following and yes it’s nice to get over 11 likes- I’m guilty of eyeing the like count too- but when you stop enjoying what you’re posting, you’ve given in to the trend- the trend that says you can only have your Instagram page designed in such way or your page can only include these types of posts in order to be “liked,” pun intended.

For the longest, even now sometimes, I wanted my page to have a certain theme and look extremely thought out. I like my stuff to look organized and flow, but when I thought about the work that has to go into one photo, I changed my mind. I like to post what I want- from artsy fartsy photos of plants to photos with family- I don’t want any of it to look posed. With a theme, basically anything in that photo has to have the same color scheme to look cohesive. As much as I love the way it looks, and I bow down to those that do it, that’s too much work for me. I just want to post in the moment. Yeah I edit the photos a bit to lighten them up and look clearer, but that’s all I do.

It’s like we’re basing how special we are on the amount of likes or shares we get. If we don’t get a decent like count then there must be something wrong with me or maybe my picture just isn’t like-worthy enough. I say, “Who cares!” Post what you want how you want. It’s your page. Post photos of you in your natural beauty. Post photos of your daily makeup or outfit that you’re proud of or not proud of. Post photos of things that make you happy. Post photos that bring back those special memories. Don’t lessen the importance of what those photos mean to you because you didn’t get that 11 like hit. Be true to you. That’s what will make your page stand out.


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