Day 7 of 366

It’s okay not to be okay.


Going off of my previous posts, we’re not perfect and that’s fine. Each and every one of us has had our good days and our bad days. We’re all the same.

We have those times where we nitpick everything about our self or we feel like we’re not doing enough with our life. The times where we doubt ourselves and feel like we’re the only ones in the entire world dealing with this. It’s normal. We just have to remember that, that is just one bad day out of the many good ones we will have. We can’t let that take over and make tomorrow and the next miserable.

Life’s unexpected. (Anyone remember that unfortunately canceled show? It was a great one too!) There’s no set anything in life. To be cliché, you’re going to have your ups and you’re going to have your downs. But what you need to keep in mind is that it will get better. I type this and I go back to when I’ve had those horribly bad days and if anyone were to tell me that on one of those days, I’d laugh in their face. But then I think of the good days and realize I was just having a really crappy day.

Jessie J came out with a song that will basically be your anthem on those days. If a pop star like her has a song like this, that’s how you know you are not the only one to have these types of days. Give it a listen. Trust me, we all go through this, no matter how successful we are or how put together our lives seem. Point blank.


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