Day 190 of 366

We are one.


Can you see yourself as Alton Sterling? Philando Castile? Officer Patrick Zamarripa? Officer Lorne Ahrens? I pray that we stop battling the hate with more hate. I pray that we are willing to take positive action to help disarm the fear that is all around us. Fear causes anger, violence, and hate in people of every race, size and color. All lives matter. When we see that, we can stop seeing our differences and stand united for all. Male, female, black, white, cop, child. See yourself as them and help them the way you would want to be helped. It's Time to listen. Time to educate. Time to be the change. #UNITEDstatesofamericathetimeisnow #standforoneanother #altonsterling #philandocastile #dallascopshooting #problack #procop #unity

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