Day 28 of 366

Why think about it?



This could not be any truer.

I think and think and think about something I have no control over and only when I am able to fix whatever it is, is when I am able to let it go. It’s the worst. The only way I can ease my mind is if I write down what I will say or do to handle it. Isn’t that nuts!? My mind seriously needs a chill pill.

Or what I also do is what I learned in that meditation lesson: concentrate on my breathing and think about how I can’t do anything about it yet. And let me tell you, that helps loads!

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why must we consume our brains with something we can’t deal with until it arrives? We’re only causing ourselves more stress.

Just this morning I was beating myself up over something that may not have even happened, and sure enough, it didn’t happen. I constantly put myself under this stress and without fail, it’s always over nothing. I need a “go with the flow” attitude.

Overthinking isn’t going to magically allow you to deal with it sooner. There’s no use putting yourself through unnecessary stress. It’s not good for those around you and it’s certainly not good for you.

Let’s not even think about it, yeah? It’ll be a mission, but we can do it. (;


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