Day 20 of 366

10 years of High School Musical


10 Years

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Like how can’t I talk about this today!? High School Musical was my life when it came out. And yes, I was Mrs. Zac Efron. ha ha!!

I was obsessed. Every time it was on TV I had to watch, although it might have mainly been because of my love for Mr. Efron. Knowing this, you might only imagine my disappointment when I found out he was a no-show for the reunion, but I’ve forgiven him since he did make a little video for the anniversary. (;

It’s crazy to think HSM came out 10 years ago. It was a much simpler time for me. A time when I had little to no responsibilities and the word “bills” was merely a myth.

The way time flies… I mean, hello. We’re already on the 20th of January! It’s like you blink and a year has gone by, and you blink again and you’re celebrating 10 years of High School Musical.

This makes you realize that maybe we shouldn’t keep putting off things. Maybe we shouldn’t leave things for later or eventually because then before we know it, months and years will have passed and we still haven’t gotten to whatever it is. We look back and think, “Wow, I’d be here if I had started then.” We don’t want that. We don’t want regret. We don’t want to feel sorry for ourselves. So, to avoid that, let’s just do it. *takes me back to Shia*

Just look how fast 10 years has gone by. Imagine what you can get done if you start now. Writing this, I feel like a hypocrite. There’s one thing I keep shoving out of my mind due to pure laziness (yes, I’m talking about exercising), and I need to stop. We just need to soar and climb to get to the place where we can be all that we can be. (;

In all seriousness though, it’s time to get with it. No one is going to make us start but ourselves. Let time be your motivation if you haven’t any other reason to begin. Don’t let it slip by and allow it to be too late.


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