Day 15 of 366

Be true to you.


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We live our lives trying to impress others, but we don’t need to impress anyone but ourselves.

We just need to be who we are and not worry about what anyone else thinks. That’s what others are attracted to: authenticity. The real you. The you that you’re not ashamed of or afraid to show the world.

We don’t need to be someone we’re not in order to gain friends or to be liked or to be a part of a clique. We become so consumed with this other person that we begin to lose sight of our self. We lose the true us- the person that doesn’t have to prove himself or herself to anyone.

Who cares if this person doesn’t like you. Who cares if this person thinks what you like isn’t “cool.” If s/he really has a negative opinion of you or what you like to do, then sorry, that person isn’t one to have in your life.

You need people who are going to motivate you and support you no matter what. They don’t necessarily have to like what it is or agree with it, but even so, they don’t ridicule you for it. Those are the types you need to surround yourself with- The ones who like you for you. The ones who wouldn’t change a thing about you.

You do you. That’s all that matters.


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