Day 14 of 366

Alan Rickman






The world, including the wizarding world, lost a great one today.

When things like this happen, unfortunately it’s a wake up call to all of us to not take life for granted. There are things far greater than the little things we pester on about on a daily basis. When you put the world in perspective to what you think is going to be the end of the world, it’s no where near the immensity. There are people out there living with real struggles every day and they let none of that slow them down from living life. Why don’t we follow this example? Why must we create the problems that shouldn’t even be problems?

I can assure you if we all lived each day as if it were our last, there’d be nothing to complain about. We wouldn’t be angry about what so and so did. We wouldn’t be yelling about plans being canceled. We wouldn’t be worrying about mediocre things. We’d just be out there living.

Let this be the start to seeing the world in a new and positive light, “Always.”


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