Day 4 of 366



Yesterday I told you all that I was cleaning out my closet. I don’t know about you but it feels SO good knowing I got rid of a lot of, for lack of better term, crap.

(Does anyone else start kicking themselves the moment you look around and realize you just made a bigger mess? Literally regretted it the second I couldn’t see the ground.)

It was so worth it though. Definitely felt like a cleanse. And I also realized I’m a hoarder! Need to work on that ASAP.

* Okay, what are the odds that I write about doing a cleanse and Buzzfeed goes and posts an article about cleanses. Now that I’ve got “The Closet Cleanse” ticked off, next up is “The Yes-I-Know-My-Storage-Is-Almost-Full Cleanse” and another cleanse or two that I still have to work myself up to do (; *

Cleaning my closet felt sort of like a metaphor (is this the right word?) for what I want to do in 2016.

With a New Year, people feel it’s the time for change. It’s the time to let go of the old and seek the new. Let go of what’s holding them back and instead hold on to what’s going to push them forward.

It could be with a job. It could be with the people in your life. It could be with where you live.

Get rid of clutter. Snip off loose ends. Move on from what, and even who, seems to be keeping you in the past.

The last thing anyone needs is negative energy. You have the right to make those changes in your life, even if that means taking giant risks. It all seems scary at first, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run. When you’re finally at a content place in your life, you’ll realize it was all worth it. You have to do things for you. You can’t be worrying about other people and what they think. Sure you can take their feelings and opinions into account, but in the end, you need to do what’s best for you.

Life is strange (Has anyone played that game? Or did anyone watch others play it on their gaming channel as I guiltily did. That game is INTENSE.) Life puts you through tasks to see how you’ll react to them. You’re put through these obstacles to ensure that you take control of your life. Even if right away we don’t realize why we go through the things we do, there’s always a purpose. That purpose could come at you all at once or it could be as minuscule as a gut feeling. However it comes, it’ll be something that’ll point you in the right direction or give you that hope (there’s that word again) that good things are coming your way. But again, it won’t happen unless you take the first shot.

It’s time you do something that’s going to make you happy. Start off fresh. Only bring in good vibes. You deserve the best. We all do.



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