Day 3 of 366

Show the world who you are.


All day I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about for today’s blog, but nothing was coming to me.

After hours of cleaning out my closet *cue Eminem* I settled down on my laptop to catch up on YouTube videos from my faves. Before I even started typing in the search box, a video down in the “Recommended” section caught my attention. It was titled “I Am TRANSGENDER.” I recognized the user immediately as Nikita [Nyc Dragun] because I follow Manny MUA and the two of them are basically BFFs.

30 seconds into the video, I subscribed to her and followed her on both Instagram and Twitter. I mean No.1: She’s gorgeous and No. 2: She’s adorable!

I knew once the video was over, I wanted to talk about this here. Yes, she’s telling her story, but there’s something to learn from this video.

In addition to learning to accept people for who they are, we need to start learning to accept ourselves. Too many times we doubt ourselves or are afraid to show people our true colors. Whether it’s because we’re ashamed or because we’re worried about what others might think, hiding who we are only hurts ourself in the end. We shield our true self, basically shaming it and eventually, we put up a wall.

As Nyc Dragun says, it’s time we start discovering ourselves. It’s time we show off who we are and forget the excuses of why we shouldn’t. Each of us has something to show the world. Each of us has something unique to share. Even if you’re not sure what that special quality is, with self-discovery, you’ll figure it out. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to fully accept the person you were born to be. We all have our struggles. Take it from me. I’m still in that self-discovery phase. I’m still learning to accept every inch of me. It took a while to even start, but I’m slowly getting there.

Thinking back to a couple of New Years back, I wasn’t in a really good place, mind-wise. Seeing where I am now and realizing the way I’m starting to think, I’ve come a long way. I’m starting to have a positive outlook, not only on myself, but on life. Whenever a negative thought crosses my mind, I remind myself to think of the positives. The last thing I want is to let negative energy cloud the bigger picture.

This is what Nikita wants her viewers to start doing, and I want the same for you. Take it a step at a time. Life’s a journey. It won’t happen right away, but I can promise you each day you work on it will be a day closer to having yourself shine brighter because that’s what we all deserve- to be fully content with who we are and not let anything or anyone tear us down.

So in the words of Nikita, “Breathe fire, my draguns.”


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