Day 2 of 366



Every time the New Year comes around, people start posting about resolutions. I was never one to have a resolution. I always thought I never needed a new year to make positive changes in my life. Those can happen any time you want them to happen. I know to many the New Year symbolizes the start of something new (“High School Musical” pun intended), and frankly, why shouldn’t it? It’s the first day to a new year. It’s the first page of a new chapter or book or however you want to see it.

I was asked if I had any New Year’s resolutions and I didn’t. What I see for the upcoming year though is change. Change for what the future has in store for me. There’s something about 2016 that I have a really good feeling about. I can’t explain it, but somehow I see things going in a positive direction for me- whether it’s the dream job or a big move, there’s something coming for me (okay, now that sounds like the beginning to a scary movie rather than the beginning to a new year).

I couldn’t sum up how I felt about resolutions until I was on Instagram and the Queen Brooke Davis Sophia Bush reposted this photo from I Am Her Tribe. Needless to say, I followed them immediately.

What spoke to me most was the last line: “and backed with action.” Many times we sit back and hope for change, but it’s not going to happen unless we do something to make that change. The word hope has a special meaning to me, and I’m constantly hoping for that change or hoping for something to come, but nothing will happen unless I make it happen. There’s nothing wrong with hoping. I’m always going to hold on to hope, but it needs to be backed up with action. And this is what I’m going to do for 2016. I don’t have a plan yet, but I’m going to strive for that positive change, and so should you.

Whether you call it a resolution or simply a plan (ha, Simple Plan), you can achieve it if only with a little effort, belief and that almighty hope.


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