Day 1 of 366

Keep going.


I know I’ve failed to keep my blog alive, even though I vowed that I wouldn’t let that happen again, but it happened.

This is a bit late in the day, but I couldn’t pass up the thought I had just now: writing a post a day. I know what you’re thinking: how could you possibly write a post a day when you couldn’t even keep up with two a week. Well, this is different. It’ll be more of a daily inspiration for myself and, I hope, for anyone reading this.

Each day I’ll jot down some form of motivation or an inspirational quote. Something that spoke to me. Even a photograph. It might be something as short as a word to something that could go on for three or four pages. I honestly don’t know. It’ll be up to that day and whatever has inspired or moved me. With the New Year in full force, I thought this would be the perfect project for myself to keep my blog going, and it would be something I could look back on a year from now.

So with that, keep going is the focus for tonight. We, I most definitely included, find an excuse to let something go. Whether it’s that book you were reading or that blog *cough cough* you were creating, you find yourself avoiding it and eventually, forgetting about it. But I don’t want that to happen anymore. I want to find reason in continuing. I’m tired of passing up what could possibly be a good blog because I can’t find the time, but there’s always time. If I spent half the time on my blog as I do on my phone, who knows how many posts I would have had by now. And this doesn’t just go for blogs. It’s anything we’ve intentionally ignored. Think about that one thing you’ve given up on and ask yourself why you’ve stopped. Now forget the reason and keep going. Push yourself to keep it up. If you promise me you’re going to do so, I will too.

The first day of the year is our time to decide what we want the rest of the year, and our lives, to look like. Okay, maybe not so extreme, but you get the picture. (; Let’s have our first day (even though it’s technically ending in 30 minutes) be the start of positive thinking and positive living.


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