The world of One Direction

Don’t you hate it when you write a blog and lose everything! So annoying. Let’s start this over.

Canceled concert. Video release. Leaked song.

And that’s what you missed in the world of One Direction.

So yesterday One Direction released its video for the newest single “Perfect” and not to be cheesy, but it was perfect. I’m going to take the plunge and say it is officially my favorite video of the band’s. There’s just something about it. I don’t know if it’s the rawness of it or the simplicity of it, but it’s seriously one of their best.

The way it was filmed, the lyrics of the song, it all set a certain type of mood. I literally have no words on how to describe it, so if you haven’t watched it, here ya go:

The video was appropriately released (though it seems) as it steered attention away from the band’s earlier announcement that the Belfast concert had to be canceled after band member Liam Payne came down with something. That [the video] was more of an uplifting (and exciting) announcement for Directioners everywhere… well maybe not for those who thought they’d be attending a 1D concert yesterday- Sorry, Belfast. BUT there’s still a happy ending for Belfast as the concert was rescheduled for Friday. *happy dance*

And just when we all thought the canceled concert and video release was enough, Spotify went and accidently leaked a new song from the band called “Home” earlier this morning. You can only imagine how that went down.

Admittedly, I tried finding a working link with the song. One part of me was beyond curious to hear it while the other part of me, the part that always wins, told me not to because, well, that isn’t really fair to the guys. So alas, I have yet to hear it. (If you have, I want to hear feedback!)

Tonight will be the official release for “Home” as it is part of the band’s “Perfect” EP, so you know once that’s out, I’ll be all over that song.

The band’s fifth album, but first as a four-piece, is set to drop November 13th. So can’t wait to hear what these four have got up their sleeves.

Well I’m off to watch “Perfect” for about the 100th time now.


That is all.

Until next time!! xo


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