The X Factor (UK) 2016


Told ya it wouldn’t be weeks until I was back- just one week (;

So I’m just here sitting on my couch catching up on The X Factor (UK)’s Six Chair Challenge episode. And before I get into it, let me just say thank you, AXS TV, for airing the show here in the States.

Are you a fan of the show? It’s gotten pretty huge since its debut back in *checks Wikipedia* 2004! Oh SNAP. We’ve got Australia’s The X Factor, Indonesia’s The X Factor, Italy’s The X Factor, US’s The X Factor and a ton of others that I’m missing.

I should have said we had the US version. *sad face* I honestly think though the UK version is better (from the US version). I mean aside from it being the pioneer of the show’s various country versions, the talent is just on another level and the acts that have come out from it… epic.

I mean you’ve got the show’s very first winner Leona Lewis. One Direction. The now new co-host of the show Olly Murs. Little Mix. Cher Lloyd. The list goes on. And the reason I bring them up is because they’ve not only won over their country, but have made it big over here in the States and that seems to be the No. 1 thing on these artists’ list- breaking America. And they’ve done it.

I’m still watching the episode and those boos… I’m sure you can hear them from space.

*here starts my random ramble* But in the midst of the chaos that poor Rita is in, I’m here with my own chaos trying to win front row and meet-and-greet tickets for Taylor Swift. But what’s chaotic about this is that the station doesn’t tell you what time they’ll be giving the keyword to enter, so basically I have to have my laptop on, the radio station’s livestream on and wait. And when they do decide to air a T-Swift commercial, they don’t give a keyword, so I must be doing something wrong.

These contests are so stressful. I never win, and yet I still do them. *shrugs* I think it’s the possibility of winning that has me continuously entering.

Anyway, getting off topic- back to The X Factor.

I’m literally obsessed with the show. There are tons of singing competition shows out there, but this one has managed to stay on top. I mean, I loved American Idol but after its 100th season, it just didn’t do it for me anymore. I don’t know what happened. The X Factor has done minor changes over the years, but it somehow still works for viewers and its ratings.

Okay, I just finished the Six Chair Challenge for the girls and all I’ve got to say is thank GOD Louisa made it because that girl has some pipes.

Now we wait to see who’s made it from the Boys, Groups and Overs categories, and all I’m saying is if Ben Clark from the Boys doesn’t make it through, I’m boycotting- that is until the next episode ha ha!

That’s all from me and my random thoughts today, so until next time!! xoxo


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