I’m back !

Hi hi !

I know. I know… I haven’t been doing my duty as a blogger. It’s been way too long. I miss posting. But don’t blame it on me. Blame it on responsibilities.

I got a job, which on one hand, YAY, but on the other, nay. I’ve literally had no time to write. And when I do have time, all I want to do is watch One Tree Hill- can you blame a girl? I wrote a post a while back, but it was just a big ole rant about pesky scammers. Definitely didn’t want to bore nor annoy you with that.

Let me just catch you up on what’s been going on…

So yes, I got a job. Now it isn’t in the field I got my degree in, but it’s a job where I get money. And loan payments are right around the corner, so you know this girl needs to start saving, even though I’ve been spending it thanks to the amazing store discount. With that, you can tell it’s in retail, which I have NEVER done and let’s just say that first week was an eye-opener.  My respect level for people who have been in retail for years went up to level 300. I applaud- no- I bow down to you. That first week was craziness, which happens with any new job, but after that week I got the hang of things, and here I am five weeks later.

To my surprise, I’m actually good at it. And yes, you’re probably thinking, “It’s just retail”- I know, but it’s always been this thing that I never thought I’d do, especially with the dreaded registers and alas, that’s what I spent the majority of yesterday doing.

I guess the moral of this is don’t knock it till you try it. You never know how good you are at something until you give it a chance. Or maybe you’re bad at it, and that’s okay. You tried it and can move on to something else.

Alright enough of the daily lesson.

So about three weeks back it was my boo’s wedding day.

* Boo = a name my friends and I call each other *

I was honored to be a part of her big day and stand beside her as her bridesmaid. I was such a baby, especially when she came walking down the aisle. Can’t wait to see those photos.

It was a fun weekend. We all spent the night in a hotel. Stayed up for hours. Laughed at everything and anything. And as typical bridesmaids and the bride do hours before the wedding, we pigged out on McDonald’s as we got our hair and makeup done. *insert girl with hand to the side emoji*

It was a beautiful wedding. Am I the only one who starts mentally planning her own wedding whenever wedding talk comes up or is that just a no?

Another little tidbit about the day: I caught the bouquet. In my defense, there was only nine of us single gals and no one wanted to catch it, but I didn’t want to be a party pooper so I attacked that bouquet. And now it looks like I’ll be next to get married, huh. Let’s see if that wedding myth comes true.

And then three days later I saw the Ginger Jesus himself. Yes you are correct: Ed Sheeran. I mean I’ve only been waiting five and a half years to see him! All I’ll say for now about that day is it was everything and more. You better believe I’m dedicating an entire blog post to that day. (;

I think this is all that’s happened since the last, sooo

Until next time!! (and I promise “next time” won’t be weeks from now) xo



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