Old Disney Channel Original Movies a.k.a. the best ones!

Can I just say that there is nothing better than the old Disney Channel movies? If you disagree with that, I am coming to your house and we are having a marathon. I’ve been watching these all day. Jump In! is currently playing and right before that I was watching Going to the Mat, and after I’ll probably re-watch Double Teamed.

In case you didn’t know: Disney Channel plays these movies past midnight. And can I add what a horrible time that is to be airing them!? I would like to publicly apologize to my DVR that is currently flooded with recordings and future recordings. *shrugs*

There’s the Zenon trilogy, all of the Halloweentown movies (minus the questionable fourth one), any movie that starred the Lawrence brothers (Seriously though, what is in that family’s water!? *swoons*), any movie with Ryan Merriman, Pixel Perfect, The Even Stevens Movie… Zetus Lapetus! There’s too many to list. I’m sure once this post is up I’m going to be kicking myself for forgetting a movie that’s worth mentioning. OH! What about Gotta Kick It Up! or The Thirteenth Year?

There’s something about these movies that no matter how old they or I get, they will always be good and I will always watch them. I think the reason why they’re so popular is because they truly were original. Although some included storylines that probably will never happen, their issues and characters connected to viewers, and that’s something I love about them. I like the rawness, the honesty and the pureness of these movies.

I was watching Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-off the other day, and watching it as an adult, I saw that there’s a big underlying message in it that I didn’t notice when I was a kid. It was trying to eliminate gender-specific occupations and roles. The same moral was in Motocrossed, Right on Track, and Jump In!, which I realized just now watching it. I never got these messages when I was younger and seeing this now makes you realize these movies were doing more than just being a good movie.

A lot of these movies were fun, intriguing and interesting, but Disney Channel also aired movies that dealt with real-life issues such as in Tiger Cruise, Tru Confessions, and The Color of Friendship. These get to a personal level, and I really think there should be more of that.

Random Side Note: Who remembers Don’t Look Under the Bed? Scariest Disney movie EVER, but I still loved it.

Writing this is taking me way back: Cadet Kelly, Get a Clue, Now You See It…, Twitches, Full-Court Miracle, You Wish!– shall I continue?

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “You’re missing the bigger movies like The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical or Camp Rock.” Yes, those movies are awesome, but I’m talking about the movies that basically changed our lives. (; The times when Kimberly J. Brown, Kirsten Storms, Ryan Marriman and (for my own selfish reasons), the Lawrence Brothers, specifically Andy, were literally Disney royalty.

So go here and relive your childhood movies. You’ll definitely find movies that you forgot you loved- I sure did.

Until next time!! xo


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