Baby Direction on the way

Blog 4I’m going to change it up for this blog. I’ve been posting some deep stuff, no? I probably should have had this one up on Tuesday when it happened, but eh, that’s okay.

Sooo One Direction member Louis Tomlinson confirmed that he is indeed going to be a father! How exciting is that?

Baby Tomlinson has a ring, doesn’t it?

Now before you start wondering- yes I am a fan of the band. Don’t punish me for it. They’re awesome performers and great live singers. You don’t get that a lot nowadays.

The band made an appearance on Good Morning America and during the interview portion, Michael Strahan congratulated Tomlinson and there really was no way he could avoid it. And besides, I’m pretty sure they were prepped beforehand on what the interview was going to entail.

So with that smug smile we’re all used to seeing from him, Tomlinson thanked Strahan and said he’s “buzzing” about it. (Is it strange that I’m weirdly obsessed with that word??)

One Direction performed “Steal My Girl,” “Story of My Life”- a personal fave- and new single “Drag Me Down.”

The new song was dropped in the middle of the night on July 31 (well middle of the night for my American self). I awoke to texts from friends that went along the lines of “Yasmin. We need to talk. And it’s obvious about what” to “Please tell me you saw those tweets!!!” I automatically knew it had something to do with the world of 1D. Ha!

When I listen to a song for the first time, I don’t automatically love it- am I the only one? It takes me a while to be like, “Yessss, turn it up.” That, or I just don’t like the song at all. With this one, it got stuck in my head right away. It’s catchy and one that gets you dancing. It’s definitely a sound we haven’t heard from the band and gives us a taste of what to expect on the fifth album. If you haven’t heard it or if you haven’t listened to any of the band’s music, just give it a listen. Make your own opinion.

I personally loved when One Direction was going for the Mumford & Sons vibe when “Story of My Life” and “Through the Dark” (another favorite) were released, but I’m excited to hear what the guys have up their sleeves for this album.

Let me know what you think.

And again, big congratulations, Louis!!

Until next time! xo


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