A small speck in a vast world

Hi there!! (:

I was sitting in my room thinking about the blue moon that I MISSED! on Friday when my mind started turning. I started thinking about how I tend to do all of my writing at night because there seems to be too many distractions throughout the day. (Anyone else?) Whether it’s a phone call or having to know what’s going on in the social media world, there’s always something.

Then I started thinking about the sky and the billions of stars that I see every night. If I could write under the stars with no distracting lights and just the sounds of nature, I would.

*Now this is where my mind really started going crazy- brace yourself.*

I love knowing that we are just a small speck of what is out there. There are so many problems we think are going to be the end of our world when that doesn’t even compare to this whole other world right above our heads that’s much larger than those problems. It’s crazy to think about what’s out there- Crazy, but fascinating.

I Googled that meme that’s constantly going around about how this is the universe and you’re this tiny dot that can barely be seen, and that really puts a lot into perspective. Is what you’re worrying about now really going to affect your future? Granted, there are situations that are a lot more serious that actually will affect a person’s future, but I’m talking about the small, maybe even petty, things. Are those things really all that important? You’re probably not even going to remember what upset you a week from now.

Now, I myself am trying to constantly remember this, but it’s hard. I fall into the trap too. After I’ve grunted and yelled and tore out my hair about something, I literally stop and think, “Was it really worth the fuss?” We become so worked up in whatever our problem is and blame the world that we fail to realize what’s important. We let this temporary issue consume us and make it a permanent problem.

Let’s forget the mediocre issues that happen and start focusing on what really matters- The things that make us happy because these are the things, the moments, that we’ll remember.

Blog 3

Until next time!! xo

P.S.                                                                                                                                         Remember how I said I wasn’t getting any calls from jobs I’ve applied for? Well, I had an interview yesterday, so fingers crossed I get the position! I should write more posts about not getting calls- hmm. (;


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